Jewelry Box

About Jewelry box.
Jewelry box is one of the big categories for packaging, Jewelry box is for rings, bracelets, earrings, and so on.
We are producing a lot of jewelry packaging box, usually, there are three kinds of jewelry box, they are paper box, plastic box, and wooden box.
1. Plastic box is a little heavy, and it is hard, very nice to make a clamshell design box. However, plastic is not environmentally friendly. Now a lot of European countries are not allowed to use plastic packages, and paper packaging is encouraged.
2. Paper jewelry packaging box is the most popular, it is environmentally friendly, and usually, it is cheaper than plastic packaging box. For the paper packaging box, all the material is paper, no other materials. But plastic packaging box is different, the inside box is made of plastic, there is paper or other fabric material outside of the plastic box. And the paper box is easy to manufacture.
3. Wooden packaging box, same as a plastic box, a wooden box is a kind of hard box too, main material is wood, paper or fabric. Same way of producing a plastic box, but do not need any tooling, plastic packaging box usually need tooling.
Paper jewelry packaging boxes can be made the same style as plastic boxes, for the sake of environmental production, we should try to use paper packaging, but not plastic packaging.